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The Tradition Continues...
In July 1979, K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen® opened its doors in New Orleans. In only a few years, Chef Paul Prudhomme's French Quarter restaurant attracted world travelers and continues to excite diners today. Diners are especially pleased to learn that K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen now takes reservations.

K-Paul's Catering Expedition

On-Site Events
Why Just Dine When You Can Feast? Looking for just the right place to have that surprise birthday party? Or maybe you want to show your customers a good time after a long day at the Convention Center? All will delight in dining at the world-famous K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen with a meal that you and your guests will never forget!

Off-Site Events & Catering

The sky's the limit when Chef Paul Prudhomme of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen takes his show on the road…whether it’s a couple blocks down the road or half-way across the world…you’ll enjoy the Best Food Anywhere on the Planet!

Chef Paul Prudhomme believes that South Louisiana has the most vital, best defined regional cooking in the U.S. He himself is certainly the most important chef in regional cooking and, although his food remains a tempting representation of the traditional tastes of Louisiana, he has enhanced the genre of Louisiana cooking. He has also created extraordinary dishes and cooking methods such as the blackening method, now used in fine restaurants around the world.

An evening spent with Chef Paul Prudhomme and K-Paul's Catering Expedition is to experience a movable feast.

K-Paul's Catering Expedition creates fun, food and festivities in our house, a private dining room upstairs at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen, 416 Chartres St. in the New Orleans French Quarter, or at the location of your choice. Since our first trip to San Francisco in 1983, we have brought excitement wherever we go. Our clients enjoy the taste of success at business meetings, corporate receptions, conferences, private parties and other special events.

Looking for a bit of razzle dazzle and all that jazz or just down-home good times? We dress for the occasion and tailor our show to suit your needs. We cook great food, right before your eyes. We want to make the time you spend with us the best time you've ever had. We travel locally, nationally and internationally.

When K-Paul's Catering Expedition goes on the road, we bring the Louisiana ingredients that make our cooking so wonderful. Chef Paul believes that fresh ingredients make the difference 99% of the time. Our staff goes to great lengths to buy the highest quality seafood, meats, herbs and produce from preferred fishermen and farmers. We pack these ingredients along with pots, pans, stoves and staff to deliver our gold star quality cuisine spiced with entertainment and emotion. We cook on site - food is never cooked in advance.

We are a full catering service. We combine the most delicious menu with great music and entertainment. As Chef Paul likes to say, “Good Cooking, Good Eating, Good Loving!”