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Consumer Poll: Original Seven Magic Seasoning Blends

Which is your favorite of Chef Paul Prudhomme's legendary original seven spice blends?

Meat Magic
Vegetable Magic
Seafood Magic
Blackened Steak Magic
Blackened Redfish Magic
Poultry Magic
Pork & Veal Magic

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Breading Magic 24oz.
Whether you are pan frying, deep frying, or even oven frying, Breading Magic adds just the right amount of seasoning to accent fried foods.Use as the breading mixture for boneless chicken breasts, filets and pork or veal chops. Experiment and try it with slices of onion, bell pepper, broccoli or turnips.All natural and contains no MSG or preservatives and is kosher approved.Note: This product and...
Price: $4.95

Gravy and Gumbo Magic® 24oz.
Add one to two tablespoons of Gravy & Gumbo Magic® to a cup of drippings from roasted chicken, duck, pork, lamb or beef and create a wonderful, well seasoned gravy.Combine with stock for a seasoned, rich tasting gumbo, or use as a thickening agent.This versatile blend takes the labor and uncertainty out of making traditional Louisiana Gumbo.All natural and contains no MSG or...
Price: $5.95

"Just Plain Good" Magic 24 oz.
NEW! The name speaks for itself! An enticing balance of herbs and spices with just the right amount of salt, this blend is very versatile and sure to please every palate. An excellent all-purpose seasoning that is a must in every kitchen! (To use, simply substitute for salt, pepper, and other herbs & spices in your recipe.)All natural, no preservatives MSG-Free and Gluten-Free...
Price: $12.95

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