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Salt-Free Sugar-Free Family of Spices
Chef Paul Prudhomme’s new line of salt free, sugar free and gluten seasonings add flavor to all of your dishes. Use liberally, in place of salt and pepper, to add some “zip” to all your favorite foods ---All Natural, No Preservatives, No MSG, and Gluten Free with no salt or artificial sugar substitutes. Available in a variety of Retail, Foodservice, Bulk and Custom Packaging configurations.
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Everyday Cooking Hints from Chef Paul

  1. Always use fresh ingredients when available.
  2. Always start with food at nearly room temperature.
  3. To get the best flavor, remove excess moisture by patting meat with a clean paper towel before seasoning or applying heat.
  4. Apply oil to meat or vegetables, instead of in pan.
  5. Always start with a hot pan.
  6. Season and taste every step of the way.
  7. Be careful to not overcook your meat, chicken, or seafood.
  8. Make sure to have a good meat thermometer on hand and use it to know when meat is cooked.
  9. For more flavor when making sauces or soups that contain meat: season and brown off meat, then set aside and complete sauce or soup. Then add browned-off meat and finish dish.
  10. Add butter at the last moment to get the taste, but not the fat.
  11. Always remember that whatever is added last to the dish will be tasted first; i.e. garlic, sesame oil, ginger, butter, etc.
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