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Bronzed Pork Chops

Makes 6 servings

Try bronzing your pork chops (or veal or lamb chops) when blackening, which must be done outside or in a commercial restaurant kitchen, is not possible. You can do it indoors, so you don't have to worry about the weather and can enjoy this method any ti

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4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unslated butter
6 (6 ounces each, about ¾ inch thinck) pork chops, at room temperature
how to prepare

Melt the butter in a pan or skillet large enough to hold the chops, and set it aside. 

Heat a 10-inch skillet, preferably nonstick, over high heat to 350°, about 4 minutes.

Be sure the meat is at room temperature, so the butter will adhere but not congeal.  Dip the chops in the melted butter so that both sides are lightly and evenly coated.  Place the meat on a plate and sprinkle don't pour) ¼ teaspoon Pork and Veal (or Meat) Magic® on one side of each chop. Carefully place the chops, two at a time and seasoned side down, in the skillet and reduce the heat to medium.  Sprinkle ¼ teaspoon Pork and Veal Magic® or Meat Magic® on each chop, cook, turning several times, to the desired doneness.  Serve piping hot.  Wipe out the skillet, bring it back to 350°, and repeat with the remaining chops.  Serve immediately.

If you must use cold meat, you will have to adjust the cooking time and turn the chops almost continuously to avoid burning.  If you want a low-fat dish, you'll be glad to know that bronzing can be done without butter or oil.  Simply omit the butter and use the same skillet you would if you were using butter.

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