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Blackened Fish Filets

Makes 6 servings

If you don't have a commercial hood vent over your stove, this dish will set off every smoke alarm in your neighborhood! It's better to cook it outdoors on a gas grill or a butane burner.

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½ stick unsalted butter (melted) or oil
6 (8 to 10 ounce) fish filets (firm fleshed fish such as red snapper, catfish, redfish, salmon, or tuna steaks), at room temperature, cut about 1/2 inch thick
how to prepare

Heat a large cast-iron skillet over very high heat until it is extremely hot (about 600°F).

Spread a little of the butter or oil on each side of the filets.  Sprinkle one side with ¾ teaspoon of the Magic Seasoning Blend® and place the filet in the heated skillet seasoned side down.  Sprinkle the top side with ¾ teaspoon of the Magic Seasoning Blend®.  Cook, turning frequently until the fish starts to flake, about 4 minutes.  Repeat with remaining filets.  Serve each filet while piping hot. 

Special note from Chef PaulBecause this method is simple, any variation will make a dramatic difference.  Be sure the skillet is hot enough and absolutely dry.  Be sure not to overseason - - the herbs and spices should highlight the taste rather than hide or overpower it.  You don't want to overcook the filet - - there's a big difference between blackened and burned.  Avoid a burned, bitter taste by wiping out the skillet between batches.

final dish
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