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International Distribution 

Magic Seasoning Blends® is available in over twenty-three countries around the world. Choose from twenty-seven (27) tempting varieties: Poultry Magic®, Blackened Redfish Magic®, Pork & Veal Magic®, Seafood Magic®, Vegetable Magic®, Meat Magic® and Blackened Steak Magic®, Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic ™, Hot & Sweet Pizza & Pasta Magic ™, Barbecue Magic™, Magic Seasoning Salt™, Magic Salt Free Seasoning™, Shrimp Magic, Sweetie Magic, Salmon Magic, and Fajita Magic. Four (4) Marinade and Sauces: Southwest Chipotle, San Francisco Teriyaki, Louisiana Red Pepper, California sun-Dried tomato and Magic, and Magic Pepper Sauce®.

For more information on importing or distribution of Magic Seasoning Blends contact:

Anna Zuniga, International Sales & Marketing mailto:azuniga@chefpaul.com?subject=Website%20Inquiry

Click on a nation below to view distributor contact information.

Shalit Foods, Inc.

Address: 601 Magnetic Dr. Unit 24
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3J 2L4
Website: www.shalitfoods.com
Contact: Tal Shalit and Sol Shalit
Phone: 1.800.969.6991
Fax: 1.416.650.5643
Email: sol@shalitfoods.com

Gourmet Trading Co. Ltd-Retail

Address: 3750 A Laird Rd, Unit#1
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5L 0A6
Website: www.gourmettrading.com
Contact: Tim Pinnington
Phone: 1.905.826.6800
Fax: 1.905.826.2489
Email: tim@gourmettrading.com

Elite International Foods, Inc.

Address: 1338 36th Street NE, Unit O
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2E 6T6
Website: www.elitefoods.ca
Contact: Alan Burgess
Phone: 1.403.291.0660
Fax: 1.403.291.0661
Email: alan.burgess@elitefoods.ca

Kasseler Food Products, Inc.

Address: 1031 Brevik Place
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4A 3R7
Website: www.kasselerfoods.com
Contact: Erich L. Lamshoeft
Phone: 1.905.629.2142
Fax: 1.905.629.1699
Email: erich@kasselerfoods.com