Magic 4-Pack STANDARD
  • You will receive one each of the following: Meat Magic®, Poultry Magic®, Seafood Magic®, and Vegetable Magic®.
  • Substitute for normal use of salt, pepper and other herbs & spices called for in a recipe.

  • Will add "emotion" to any of your favorite recipes.

  • Magic Seasonings are versatile in their application and pack incredible depth of flavor.

  • MSG free and Kosher and Halal approved.

    To use Magic Seasoning Blends® in Chef Paul's recipes simply add up the amount of dry herbs and spices called for in the recipe's "Seasoning Mix". Substitute the appropriate blend (for example, if you were doing a chicken dish, you'd substitute Poultry Magic®) in the proportioned amounts for each cookbook listed below:

  • Substitute approximately the amount for Chef Paul Prudhomme's Seasoned America Cookbook
  • Substitute approximately the amount for Chef Paul Prudhomme's Fork In The Road Cookbook
  • Substitute approximately the same amount for Chef Paul Prudhomme's Fiery Foods That I Love, Louisiana Kitchen, Kitchen Expedition, and Louisiana Tastes cookbooks

    If a recipe calls for a sweet spice or an unusual ingredient subtract the amount of sweet or unusual spice prior to adding up the dry herb seasoning mix, then add back the subtracted ingredient(s) to the Magic Seasoning Blends® amount required for the conversion.

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    Amazing stuff, never before was cooking great food so simple. Everytime I use these people are sure to ask me "What did you put on this"?
    Charles P., Apr 3rd 2014
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