Gravy and Gumbo Magic® 24oz.
Add one to two tablespoons of Gravy & Gumbo Magic® to a cup of drippings from roasted chicken, duck, pork, lamb or beef and create a wonderful, well seasoned gravy.Combine with stock for a seasoned, rich tasting gumbo, or use as a thickening agent.This versatile blend takes the labor and uncertainty out of making traditional Louisiana Gumbo.Contains no MSG or preservatives.Kosher approved.
Price: $5.95

Gumbo Filé 1.1oz.
An herb made from the ground leaves of the young sassafras plant, Gumbo Filé is one of the "secret" ingredients that Southern Louisiana cooks use to flavor and thicken their gumbos and soups. Adds a deep, rich color, too! Gumbo Filé is essential if you are looking for that authentic, New Orleans quality.
Price: $3.00