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Product Details

Original Magic Seasoning Blends ®
Chef Paul's original seven blends - Poultry Magic®, Blackened Redfish Magic®, Pork & Veal Magic®, Seafood Magic®, Vegetable Magic®, Meat Magic® and Blackened Steak Magic® - - were introduced in 1983 and are relied on by home cooks and professional chefs worldwide for their quality, consistency and distinct flavor profiles. They're as easy to cook with as salt or pepper, so you can use them in all your recipes.

Magic Salt Free Seasoning ®

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Salt Free Seasoning® is an all-purpose blend with great taste, but without any salt! Sprinkle liberally on all foods in place of salt and pepper and enjoy the difference. All natural and certified Kosher, Magic Salt Free Seasoning® contains no MSG and no preservatives.

Magic Seasoning Salt ® - Great On Any Food
Chef Paul's New Orleans blend of unique seasonings is perfect for sprinkling on fries, salads, eggs or pasta; for shaking flavor on vegetables, chicken, seafood, steaks, chops or roasts. Use at the table in place of salt or pepper! All natural (No MSG, No Additives, No Preservatives and Certified Kosher). A distinctly different formulation of herbs, spices and salt designed by Chef Paul to complement any food.

Salt-Free Sugar-Free Family of Spices!!
Chef Paul Prudhomme’s new line of SALT & SUGAR FREE seasonings add flavor to all of your dishes.  Use liberally, in place of salt and pepper, to add some “zip” to all your favorite foods ---All Natural, No Preservatives, No MSG, and Gluten Free with no salt or artificial sugar substitutes.  Flavors include Lemon & Cracked Pepper, Toasted Onion & Garlic, Sweet & Spicy, Sweet Basil & Tarragon, Sweetie Magic , and our newest addition, Magic Creole Seasoning - Salt Free! Available in a variety of Retail, Foodservice, Bulk and Custom Packaging configurations including our newest single serving packet - the Magic Mini®!

Selections include: Lemon & Cracked Pepper, Seven Herb, Six Spice, Sweet & Spicy, and Toasted Onion & Garlic.  Coming soon, Magic Creole Seasoning and Sugar-Free Sweetie Magic!

New Magic Seasoning Blends
By popular demand, Chef Paul has introduced six more Magic Seasoning Blends with specific applications to make your cooking easier and better. Barbecue Magic, Fajita Magic, Sweetie Magic, Breading Magic, Gravy and Gumbo Magic®, Salmon Magic and Shrimp Magic are all natural and Kosher approved with an incredible variety of use for your menu items - - including desserts.

Pizza & Pasta Magic ™
This all-natural ingredient and sprinkle-on spice comes in two varieties. Herbal is pure Parmesan cheese with the highest quality herbs and spices. Hot & Sweet is a zesty blend of red peppers and Parmesan with a dash of light brown sugar and herbs. These unique products are great as ingredients in sauces or soups or tabletop sprinkle-on items. Pizza & Pasta Magic has No MSG or preservatives No Added Salt.

Magic Pepper Sauce - A Naturally Hot Idea! ™

Chef Paul's unique blend of fully ripened red cayenne and habanero peppers and spices give all your recipes a little flavor kick. Magic Pepper Sauce enhances food with flavor, not just heat. It's a great balanced, all-natural ingredient or table top sprinkle on, which is all natural, with no preservatives, no MSG, no additives.

Chef Paul's Magic Chiles

Chef Paul's line of seven ground chile powders offers a great variety of exciting flavors for our customers with adventurous taste buds. Available in both retail and foodservice packaging, the chiles range in heat from 2 to 7.5 with each container labeled with a heat index. All the chiles contain no preservatives or Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and are all certified Kosher.

Choices Available:

  • Anaheim (Mild) also referred to as chile Colorado, is the ripe form of the green peppers of the same name.
  • Ancho (Medium) is the sweetest of the dried chiles, mainly used in preparation of sauces and moles.
  • Arbol (Hot) is slender in appearance, but gives the immediate heat with a touch of acidic, smoky flavor.
  • Chipotle (Hot) is a smoked jalapeño pepper, giving a unique smoky flavor to your food.
  • Guajillo (Mild) has a subtle, sweet heat that lends itself to a variety of creative applications.
  • New Mexico (Mild) is also referred to as the dried California Chile, providing an earthy flavor with some acidity and a crisp clear heat.
  • Pasilla (Medium) is a chilaca chile and is one of the most used chiles in the preparation of the traditional mole sauce.

Ten New Chef Paul Magic Seasoning Blends

Chef Paul has added 10 versatile blends to his Magic Seasoning Blends foodservice line-up. These all-natural blends will provide even more flavor choices for menu items, in store use in the deli, for "value added" seasoning on meats and any application calling for bold seasoning flavors!

Choose from:

Magic Sauce and Marinades™
Chef Paul’s delicious line of sauces and marinades range the flavor spectrum. Try them on poultry, meat, and seafood, substitute for ketchup or steak sauce, and add to gravies, soups, and salsas.

Choices Available:

Premium Quality Individual Herbs & Spices
The newest product offering in our Foodservice line – Chef Paul’s premium quality individual herbs & spices are hand selected with care and discriminating taste. Below is an abbreviated list of what we can offer.

Choose From:

  • Basil Leaves Whole
  • Black Pepper Café Grind (Cracked 10 Mesh)
  • Cumin Ground
  • Garlic, Granulated
  • Oregano Whole
  • Parsley Flakes
  • Rosemary Whole
  • Bay Leaves Whole
  • Cinnamon
  • Dill Weed Whole
  • Onion, Granulated
  • Paprika (120 ASTA)
  • Red Pepper, Crushed
  • White Pepper Ground