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Manufacturing & Production
Chef Paul owns and operates a 125,000 square foot plant outside of New Orleans, LA where he produces his own line of Magic Seasoning Blends, as well as custom seasoning blends for customers.
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Custom Blending & Co-Packing 

Magic Seasoning Blends’ R&D team is ready and willing to take on the challenge of custom blending. With a full service R&D lab and test kitchen and a 125,000 square-foot AIB and Kosher certified blending and packaging facility, we have the tools to make it happen! We look forward to working with our customers on matching blends or creating unique flavor profiles that exactly fit their needs.

For more information on Custom Blending and Co-Packing contact:

Jessica Ortiz, Business Development  mailto:jortiz@chefpaul.com?subject=Website%20Inquiry