Roasted Pork
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I am a consumer and can’t find one or more of your products in the supermarket—can you tell me what store(s) in my area carry them?

Write a note, directed to Pat Cantrelle  ( detailing the products that you are trying to purchase and what city and state you live in. She will pass this along to our area reps and get back to you with an answer. In the interim, you many purchase any Magic Seasoning Blends product online (SHOP HERE ) or by calling (800) 457-2857 M-F 8:00 A.M. to 5 P.M. CST.

What distributors in my area carry Magic Seasoning Blend products and how can I get in touch with them?

If you are requesting distributor information, contact Pat Cantrelle ( or (800) 457-2857.

Do you products contain gluten, MSG or other additives or preservatives?

All Magic Seasoning Blends are Gluten Free with the exception of Breading Magic and Gumbo Gravy Magic. No MSG is added to ANY Magic Seasoning Blends and NONE contain preservatives or additives. Also, any product listed as "Salt Free" or "Sodium Free" do not contain any salt substitutes, such as potassium chloride.

What is the shelf life of your seasoning blends?

All Magic Seasoning Blends (except Pizza & Pasta Magic®) have a THREE YEAR shelf life. Pizza & Pasta blends have a TWO YEAR shelf life. The products are safe to use well beyond these prescribe dates---you will only notice some caking and fading of color with age. The flavor characteristics remain basically intact.

Does Chef Paul just lend his name to the company, or, does he own it?

From the beginning (in 1983) Chef Paul has been the owner and developer of ALL Magic Seasoning Blends.