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Roasted Pork
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Chef Paul Prudhomme's Smoked Meats

Andouille (ahn-doo-ee) is a seasoned and smoked sausage made from pork and potatoes. It's most popular in Louisiana favorites such as red beans and rice, gumbo and jambalaya. Add andouille to a favorite recipe or serve as an appetizer or breakfast sausage. Pork Andouille is made with pork, rehydrated potatoes, rehydrated onions, water, and seasonings and available in both REGULAR and HOT.

(tah-so) is strips of seasoned and smoked pork. Primarily used as seasoning meat, tasso adds sensational flavor to pasta, sauces, casseroles and everything else you can imagine. A small amount goes a long way in your cooking. Tasso is made with pork shoulder (cushion meat), seasoned with a variety of seasonings, and cured with water and seasonings. The blend of seasonings and great "smoky" taste add something extra to your recipes. People will notice the difference and savor the delicious flavor.